Ways to Wear Belts

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A belt will do a lot to enhance a woman's figure. A wide belt will complement a woman's figure or a man's wardrobe. Belts are dual-purpose. While they create a good look, another function is to keep your pants in the right place.

Generally, various styles and types of belts are used for different reasons and types of occasions. If you plan to wear a belt to work, be sure that it matches the clothes you wear at the office. You should never wear shiny and large buckles that may detract from your overall polished, business like appearance. You could choose to wear these kinds of belts for a relaxed or evening look.

If you decide to wear a belt with a particular dress, you must be certain that the belt you choose is made to be worn with dresses. If you decide to wear a leather belt with this dress, it's possible it will look goofy and just not right.

How can you know which belt is best for you? Skinny belts are best worn by someone with a slim waist and short legs. A skinny belt is quite thin; less than 3cm thick. Skinny belts are not a good idea for those with longer legs; they will make your waist look broader.

A medium size belt is a good look for anybody. A typical medium belt measures 1-2 inches and will look good on any body type. Those of us with shorter legs can make a thin belt look wider. Those of us with long legs will have belts look thinner on us.

Belts that are wide. A belt is considered wide when it exceeds two inches in width. Its best use is either with tight jeans, pants, or a dress. Low waist jeans look good with a wide belt.

When buying a belt, be sure to have several options fitted in order to find the right one. Surprisingly, a lot of belts that appear unattractive on the rack, can prove to be a great fit for you and your body. Some companies will carry smaller or larger sizes than what your actual measurement for the belt is. You best bet is to purchase a belt that is two inches wider than your waist measurement. When you are shopping at the mall or in a clothing store, ask for some help from a sales person. Belts are sometimes tagged with sizes 2 inches larger, because the manufacturer includes the buckle.

Deciding on the best belt for you can be difficult at times. You won't look good if you don't take into account the proper size and style for your wardrobe. But if you know what belts will work for your figure, you can improve your appearance and look great.

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Ways to Wear Belts

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This article was published on 2010/03/30