The Importance of a Paracord Belt

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The word paracord is coined from parachute cord, an item which because of its strength and versatility has found a number of uses in the US military for a long period of time. These same features have led to its use by hikers, backpackers, and other outdoor enthusiasts in recent years. One application for paracord is in a paracord belt. These belts are strong enough for securing cargo, tying poles together or rescuing a drowning man, for example.

Many people wear belts made of paracord due to their appealing rugged design, which has a certain fashion appeal. In addition to belts, there are other accessory items made of the cord such as bracelets, anklets, dog collars and others. However, they have many practical applications worth knowing about that make them more than just fashion accessories.

Hikers and backpackers may find paracord belts to be a highly practical item to wear when braving the outdoors. The material is lightweight and thus does not increase the load they must carry. Besides, a belt is worn, so there is no need for extra space in order to pack it. Because a belt is secured around one’s waist, it is very easy to access and use it in times of emergency or simply when a strong, durable cord is needed.

Some paracord belts are designed with an underlying layer of fabric that makes it possible to utilize them without leaving one’s pants loose. It is a good idea to find out if a belt incorporates this strang when buying one from a store or online, and if making your own, you may want to consider weaving the paracord over such a fabric layer, as it is quite straightforward to do. On the other hand, if you don’t mind completely removing a belt from your pants when there is a more pressing need for it, then an underlying strap is not necessary.

As time is essential when people are in an emergency, people need tools that are readily available for use. Fortunately, paracord belts are easily unraveled. All you need to do is pull the strand off the buckle from one end. If this does not work, simply cut a strand off since it is easy to weave it back into a belt.

If you are interested in owning a paracord belt, you have the option of either making it yourself or buying a ready-made belt. These belts come in a variety of designs and colors, from the more rugged black, brown and grey to brighter, more fashionable colors. Both local and online shops stock them and a buyer can also customize their belt colors and weave to suit their taste and preference.

Unlike other items made of parachute cord, the paracord belt has become popular among many people. Unlike accessory items like bracelets and anklets that are specific to a certain gender or age group, belts can be worn by anybody. They are also quite a bit longer than these other items, which improves their range of applications. For this reason, people wear them not only as a fashion item but as part of their outdoor survival kit.

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The Importance of a Paracord Belt

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The Importance of a Paracord Belt

This article was published on 2012/05/06