Five Audi Maintenance Tips

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Your Audi principal purpose is with top-notch components through the world's finest engineers. With proper maintenance, you'll help in keeping your luxury car safe and roadworthy for many years - which means even lower Audi insurance fees with time. Five key regions of car maintenance are outlined below.

1.Get New Shoes for Your Car

Strong tires are a vital part of every Audi's smooth and safe ride. Help ensure passenger safety and excellent car performance by continuing to keep the tyres properly maintained. Even tyres with the legal minimum tread depth can noticeably compromise performance - specifically in hazardous conditions. Be preserving your tyres properly inflated, rotated, and changed as needed, you'll enjoy Audi's superior acceleration, precision steering and stopping, and better fuel economy.

2. Affect the Cam Belt

The cam belt is a vital and hard-working part of your car's engine. Also called a timing belt, it controls the timing from the opening and closing of the engine's valves. Since the belt is made from a rubber-based compound, it wears down and finally has to be replaced. A severely worn cam belt can cause serious harm to the engine.

The belt is not only damaged by use; it deteriorates after a while. Therefore , it is important to have the belt changed at set intervals, typically every 5 years or 75,000 miles.

3. Affect the Brake Fluid

Keep your brakes in great working order with regular maintenance. Brake fluid ought to be replaced approximately every 2 yrs. Like it's hygroscopic; it absorbs moisture with time and lessens effective. Affordable servicing plans take this routine maintenance into account and include special fixed prices.

Change the Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid works double duty: it works as both a lubricant plus a coolant for the vehicle's transmission system. The fluid diminishes viscous as time passes, making it more challenging with an auto to smoothly change gears. Audi service schedules typically require a transmission fluid change every 40,000 miles.

5. Service Your Air Conditioning

A well-running air conditioning unit helps in avoiding windows from fogging and keeps air inside the car fresh. Conversely, a faulty air conditioning unit can bring about misty windows and trigger allergic reactions.

Maintain your car's air conditioning unit working at maximum efficiency by having it drained, recharged, and inspected every 2 yrs. Trained Audi technicians will execute reveal inspection with the ac system's hoses, connectors, fan, and belt. They could also periodically give an air conditioner an ultrasonic disinfecting treatment.
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Five Audi Maintenance Tips

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This article was published on 2011/02/14